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  • Written by Jericho Mercado
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Trivia: NLEx Cloverleaf up to Burol has tour (4) lanes on both direction, while Burol to Sta Rita has three (3) and Sta.Rita to Dau has two (2). The stretch from Dau to Sta. Ines, Mabalacat remains as a two-way traffic awaiting expansion.
The lane near the center or median in between the opposite direction of the NLEx is called Lane 1 or overtaking lane / passing lane for class 1 vehicles only. Overstaying on this lane is prohibited for all types of vehicles.
Cloverleaf to Burol, Balagtas and vice versa has 4 lanes on both directions. Trucks and buses are strictly prohibited from using lane 1 anytime. Lanes 3 and 4 is allotted for these types of vehicles, however, passenger buses can utilize lane 2 to overtake but must return to lane 3 or 4 again after doing so. Trucks are absolutely not allowed to utilize lane 2. Slow moving (60 kph) class 1 vehicles are likewise advised to use the trucks and buses lane
Burol, Balagtas to Sta.Rita vice versa has 3 lanes on both directions. Trucks and buses are strictly prohibited from using lane 1 anytime. The said vehicles can use lane 2 for overtaking only and must return to lane 3. Small or class 1 vehicles must not occupy lane 1 if not overtaking. Slow moving / class 1 vehicles (60 kph) can use lanes 2 and 3
Sta.Rita to Dau and vice versa has only 2 lanes on each direction. All types of vehicles can utilize lane 1 only for overtaking and must return to lane 2 again for normal cruise.
Dau to Sta.Ines, Mabalacat and vice versa is a two way traffic with allotted emergency lane on each direction. Overtaking on this stretch is absolutely prohibited. A double solid lane along the center and numerous regulatory traffic signs on strategic and conspicuous locations indicates such prohibition, likewise, passing or overtaking along the emergency lane is also disallowed.

Toll Plaza or Toll Barriers (toll gate), has dedicated lanes for trucks and buses usually at the rightmost portion of each barriers.