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Target Fixation

  • Written by Engr. Cyrille dela Cruz
  • Category: Safety Tips
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             There are numbers of article that are written to discuss target fixation, but to really understand the phenomenon, you really need to experience it.

             ‘Your hands follow your eyes’, as simple as an a-b-c. In driving, your vehicle will have the tendency to go on where you’re looking.

             Target fixation is a process wherein the driver gets fixedly focused on an object that awareness to what he is doing is reduced.

             From the experts perspective, rear-end collision is one consequence when the driver is focused on the break lights of the vehicle in front of him. Focusing on the break lights will cause the vehicle to go where the light is and boom! Accidents happen.

             Sometimes, Filipinos are nosy (usisero) on incidents which they are not even involved. So, instead of driving, they focused intently on the incidents without being aware that they are getting towards the area of it.

             If we look closely, target fixation is a result of loosing concentration on one’s job which is driving.

             So how do we prevent this from happening, stay focused on driving. Let’s remember, we share the road with many other people so make sure that you are a safe driver. 

           Moreover, it is not only the car which we need to maintain to be safe. We as drivers also need to be safe drivers.

             Be safe, drive safely!