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Electrical Vampires

  • Written by Engr. Jenny Chico & Engr. Jessie Paraan
  • Category: Safety Tips
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Are you familiar with Household Electrical Vampires? These are appliances and other equipment that still consume power even when not in use. Most of which are normally turned off and/or left unplugged all throughout the day. Studies show that almost up to 10 % (ten percent) of a household’s monthly electrical consumption is generated by these electrical vampires. Some examples of which are television sets left on their sleep mode, cellular phone charges left plugged in even when not in use or already fully charged gadgets, coffee makers, radio alarm clock, computer sets on stand by mode or even simple electric fans left un plugged. Yet, if we compute, the wattage consumption of these electrical appliances would normally not be a big deal. But, if an average household owns at least 20 similar electrical devises we can translate these loads into a big chunk or portion of our energy bill. What can we do? Unplug devices that we don’t often use, sure we all need a good cup of coffee, but maybe we can adjust out use of these hi-tech and classy coffee makers and just use them on anticipated hours of the day that we are sure to pour in that hot coffee, like for example every morning during your breakfast. Extra TV or stereo you only use from time to time can be a convenience; you should consider unplugging them completely until the next time you need to use them.