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Corporate Communications Initiatives

The Corporate Communications Department of Tollways Management Corporation implements several programs designed to bring the company closer to its immediate neighbors.

The Programs currently being initiated by Media Relations and Publications include:

Media Relations
The Corporate Communication Department coordinates and assists the media during interviews and coverage in NLEX and SCTEX. They also draft and distribute press releases and other materials related to the operations of NLEX and SCTEX. They provide hourly updates of traffic especially during peak seasons through television, radio and print. They conduct tours to further familiarize the media with the operations, features and other safety and security devices along the two expressways.

Drivers Education Forum
The Corporate Communications Department organizes education forum to drivers who regularly ply NLEX and SCTEX. One is the Usapang Driver which is the first education forum for drivers in the expressway. Conducted periodically, its primary purpose is to educate drivers on how to use a world class expressway like NLEX and SCTEX. Several Luzon-based companies have participated in the Usapang Driver since it was launched in 2008. Among them are Victory Liner, Baliwag Transit, Genesis Transport, Mekeni Food Corporation, Santrans, Lindle, ACTOO, CTAP, and Coca Cola Philippines among others.

Information Materials Dissemination
Aside from the drivers forum, the Corporate Communications Department also published and distributes reading materials for drivers. These reading materials include the monthly publication of NLEXpress and Motorist's Handbook. These materials help in educating the motorists by providing tips on how to use the expressway and orienting them about the safety and security features of NLEX and SCTEX. Copies of NLEXpress are free of charge and are distributed in toll booths, point of sales and gas stations along NLEX and SCTEX. The Motorist's Handbook on the other hand can be bought at P15 to P25 per copy.

New Media
The Corporate Communications Department provides traffic updates and information about other activities in NLEX and SCTEX through its offical Facebook and Twitter account Travel on Great Roads. TMC believes that communicating through these social networking sites is the company's way of reaching out to a wider public and keeping up with the changing technologies.

Advocacy Projects
The Corporate Communications Department organizes advocacy programs aimed at promoting road safety among motorists. One of thse is its annual photo contest where photo enthusiasts can display their talents by taking photographs of the different facets of NLEX and SCTEX. This contest is open to employees and non-employees of TMC. Cash and other items are given as prizes to the winners.

Community Relations
The Community Relations group (ComRel) of Tollways Management Corporation implements several programs designed to bring the company closer to its immediate neighbors.
The Programs currently being initiated by Community Relations include:

Volunteer Program
There are various activities TMC employees (who proudly call themselves as volunteers) are involved with. These are environment related like the adopt a forest project in SBMA, distribution of used computers to schools and communities, lecture on road safety to high school students, distribution of gifts to Aeta communities, distribution of relief goods to calamity victims, medical missions, continuing driver's educations, volunteer band members, and a host of other involvements that may come from time to time. Community Relations Department helps mobilize all the volunteers and whatever resources it can gather for these activities. The heart of these activities is to bring close TMC's staff to the communities and share whatever resource volunteers have.

Community Profiling
Continuing community profiling activities gives TMC valuable input on how to understand various community issues. Recently, Mindanao Avenue communities were profiled. The profiled communities showed the different problems that the people experience especially issues related to the operation of NLEX.
Recommendations on how to mitigate these problems were also generated in this profiling activity. In the process, communities are drawn to the objectives of operations especially in its mandate to keep the road safe. Health interactions of Expressway's personnel begin with the proper understanding of the communities, how they live, and how they react to issues brought about by expressway users and operator.
For communities living under the bridges, ComRel supports the initiatives of MNTC in keeping their number down. Ultimately, these households should be resettled to reduce the risk to tollways facilities and to the lives of these people as well. There is a complete listing of informal settlers to date. TMC can use it for whatever plan it may have in the future. The same list can also be used to dissuade more people from living under the bridge.
All other liveable bridges have been kept out of squatters to date.

Monitoring of Emerging Issues
This work involves filing of blotter reports to the Barangay concern in cases of theft, pilferage of expressway properties, encroachment of Right of Way, new squatters, , access issues, drainage, animals and other involving local communities. Follow up of these reports are also done at the community level. Dialogue, visitations and consultations often become the mechanisms in addressing these issues.

CSR Activities
This is closely linked to Volunteer activities. TMC's volunteers help implement the CSR program of the company. ComRel implements and prepares for these activities in coordination with volunteer organization. It also implements MVP groups CSR and other company led CSR activities in NLEX and SCTEX.

Issues Advocacy
The main direction of advocacy is to keep the road safe. There are publications made for this mainly, NLEXpress monthly publication, pamphlets on stray animals, grassfire, garbage disposal, stoning and anti-fencing law. It also involves lectures on road safety to communities and other novel project like mural painting to convey the importance of road safety in our daily lives.
These four major groupings of ComRel activities are intimately linked with other departments of TMC as well. There are periodic collaborative meetings like in road safety lectures and production of NLEXpress.
As a whole, ComRel fills a very important function in keeping the road safety and in keeping TMC operation always at the highest bar of expressway operations. It brings the various publics closer to its operations. It informs communities and drivers on the values that the company promotes. It shares its blessings to the less fortunate. It strives to better know the condition of the host barangays and it tries to address emerging community issues affecting the safety of expressway users.