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Corporate Governance

Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP) speaking on a microphone

Adherence to the highest standards of Corporate Governance is an integral part of the way we do business at Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (“Tollways”).

TMC being a subsidiary of MPTC, commits to strengthening its culture of good governance and responsible management practices. Tollways believes that the reward of good governance is not just recognition but the continuous improvement on Company operations, breakthrough performance and sustainable growth that will serve the best interest of all our stakeholders.

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is about oversight of organizational processes and practices with independence and accountability.

Corporate governance is a set of rules that directs the relationships and practices of everyone in a company and in the community in which it does business. These rules ensure that honest decision making and transparent and accountable practices are maintained by the company and all its personnel.

Why is Corporate Governance important?

It is a requirement of laws. As a Filipino company, Tollways follows the corporate governance rules of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (PSEC). The Manual on Corporate Governance, which institutionalizes the corporate governance principles committed to by the Company, is a PSEC requirement.

Principles and Values

Fairness – We shall uphold the value of justice and fair play amongst everyone we deal with, both internally and externally.

Integrity – We shall act righteously, morally, and legally. We shall uphold the simple truth ‘honesty is the best policy’ and endeavor to act under the highest standards of ethics.

Transparency – We shall uphold the value of truthfulness in everything we do as we provide and disclose accurate material information in a timely manner.

Accountability – We shall take full responsibility for all our business decisions, actions/inactions, and conduct, and shall perform our duties and functions with utmost responsibility, integrity, honesty, loyalty and efficiency. We are accountable to the Company and its stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders and business partners) all of whom we vow to serve to the best of our ability.