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Governance Structure


The following are the key players in ensuring the application of good governance practices and policies within Tollways:

Compliance Officer
To insure adherence to corporate principles and best practices, the Board shall designate a Corporate Governance Officer as a Compliance Officer who shall monitor compliance and determine violations by the Company with the provisions and requirements of the Manual on Corporate Governance, and the rules and regulation of regulatory agency.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (the "Board") is primarily responsible for the governance of the Company. Corollary to setting the policies for the accomplishment of the corporate objectives, it shall provide an independent check on Management.

Tollways recognizes its responsibility to protect its shareholders’ rights by creating value and ensuring sustainable growth in business. Tollways upholds their rights to obtain relevant information about Tollways in a timely and regular basis.

Tollways' financial performance are regularly reported and these reports are immediately made public through press releases and postings in the MPTC's website.

The Company is further committed in sustaining and/or further enhancing the high level of engagement of employees. Guided by the results of an employee engagement survey conducted, focused and deliberate initiatives are undertaken to help ensure employees job satisfaction and motivation.

Tollways continues to strengthen the good governance practice of its subsidiaries by strongly advocating the need for each subsidiary to adopt its own Manual of Corporate Governance and Code of Ethics.

Other Stakeholders
Tollways seriously considers the impact of business decisions on the interests of its shareholders and other stakeholders. The Company also protects and maintains good relations with its suppliers and creditors based on mutual respect and benefit. The Company strives to foster long-term stability, direct and open relation, and continuous development with suppliers to attain quality, competitiveness, process efficiency and performance reliability; foster governance principles in all of its business dealings with them; and seek, encourage and prefer suppliers whose business practices respect human dignity and the environment.

Governance is everyone's business - the Board, top management, middle management and rank and file. For us, Corporate Governance is not just a set of rules to comply with. It must be a way of life, a set of habits, an attitude-indeed a culture-that will ensure success and prosperity for the long term. -Manuel V. Pangilinan