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TCR Redevelopment Project
NLEX TCR REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT. Now able to better respond to the needs of its motorists.
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Traffic along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) has been increasing from the normal average volume for the past 4 weeks by about 5%. This trend will continue as we approach Christmas Day.

As in previous years, the volume of vehicles is expected to be at its heaviest on December 23 (Friday); estimated to be more than 20% the normal daily average. Tollways Management Corporation (TMC) operator of NLEX and SCTEX is gearing up in anticipation of the trafic volume. Traffic is expected to build up in the early afternoon until late evening of December 23.


On the other hand heavy volume of vehicles going back to Manila is expected on the afternoon of January 1 and morning of January 2. NLEX Toll Operations will beef up its manpower during the said dates. Ambulant tellers will be deplyed at the Balintawak, Mindanao Avenue and Dau Toll Plazas to faciliate lane transactions. Spare lanes will also be used to shorten queue of vehicles during peak periods. The Bocaue Toll Plaza will also deploy ambulant tellers on January 1 and 2 in anticipation of the heavy volume of vehicles going back to Manila on these dates.


In order to keep the road safe and traffic to flow smoothly, NLEX Traffic Operations will deploy ten stationary patrol vehicles in selected areas. Motorcycle riders and roving patrol vehicles will be ready to assist in interchanges in case of traffic build up. Traffic in Bocaue Traffic is expected to build up at the Bocaue Toll Exit in the last week of December. To manage this, TMC has already deployed additional manpower in the area beginning December 16.  On top of the additional four traffic personnel, another team composed also of four personnel will be dispatched in case traffic becomes heavier. The deployment of additional traffic personnel at the Bocaue Toll Exit is expected to be until January 15, 2012.  SCTEX At SCTEX the same excellent level of service can be expected. Traffic build up at the Tarlac, San Miguel  and Tipo exits has been expected as early as December 17 and 18, the weekend before Christmas. Volume of traffic entering the Mabalacat Toll Plaza will even increase on December 23 as well as December 29.  The affected toll plazas will be adequately manned to address the influx of motorists. Manual and counter flow lanes will be placed at San Miguel and Tarlac Exits respectively to accommodate the high volume of traffic while Tipo Toll Plaza will also have standby manual lanes in the event that volume of motorists increases.  Heavy volume of Manila bound motorists is expected on the afternoon of December 25 and January 1 and in the early morning of December 26 and January 2 at the Mabalacat Toll Plaza.  


Motorists can expect sufficient number of personnel and equipment to shorten the queue at the plaza and maintain the best level of service possible. Manual toll booths will be deployed at the said toll plaza to address the high volume of traffic.  SCTEX traffic during the holidays is expected to increase by as much as 25% from the normal daily average. Motorists can also expect adequate number of patrol crews along the carriageway and at the toll plazas to assist during vehicle breakdown and conduct traffic management.  Ambulances and tow trucks will be strategically deployed for faster response during incidents.  No major maintenance works will be conducted during the holidays so as not to disrupt the traffic flow. Portable toilets will be stationed at the Mabalacat Toll Plaza (before entry), Tarlac Toll Plaza (after exit) and at the Subic bound (Kms. 21 and 29) portion of SCTEX.   Hotline Numbers TMC remains committed in ensuring safe, fast and comfortable travel at the  NLEX and SCTEX. For assistance and inquiries, motorists are advised to call the hotlines (02) 580-8910 and 3-5000 for NLEX and (0920) 96-SCTEX (72839) for SCTEX. These hotlines are available 24 hours a day. Motorists may also visit NLEX and SCTEX Facebook account “Travel on Great Roads” where hourly traffic updates will be posted during peak periods.   

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Nathaniel Cruz and Marc Pasco have been traffic enforcers in NLEX for the past seven years. Their job requires them to go on duty at any given time or day. Early dawn, high noon, midnight...rain or shine - they are there on the road making sure that each motorist travels safe and on time.

Christmas and New Year are of course not an exemption. Nathaniel and Marc recalls that they have spent a number of Christmas and New Year's Eves, noche buena and media noche without their family.

Instead they were at work fulfilling their duty as traffic enforcers of NLEX. Nathaniel says 'malungkot dahil hindi mo kapiling ang pamilya sa gabi ng Pasko pero masaya dahil nagagampanan mo ang tungkulin sa kalsada'. Marc adds his wife and children have learned to understand the nature of his job. He says his family knows that after all he is doing this for them. 'Naiturig na din naming kapamilya ang mga motorista kaya kung mag-Pasko man kami sa NLEX at di sa bahay parang may pamilya na rin kamig kasama sa okasyon', he explains.

Nathaniel and Marc however make sure that they would make up for the lost time. Nathaniel says that after his duty he would join his family and attend mass on Christmas Day together. He also says that there's always excitement every time he would come home after duty especially durig Christmas. March for his part adds that he would accompany his children in visiting their godparents on Christmas Day.

Nathaniel and Marc are just two of NLEX and SCTEX employees who respond to the call of duty even during holidays and important family occasions. For Nathaniel and Marc as well as other traffic enforcers and toll tellers in NLEX and SCTEX the safety and security of motorists is their utmost priority. Whatever time of day and season.

This year Nathaniel and Marc are looking forward to spending another Christmas or New Year's Eve at work and not with their family. Fulfilled? Definitely they are. After all the true meaning of this season is love and care for fellowmen wherever, whenever.

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Christmas at the Booth


The toll booth in NLEX has become an important part in the life of Jennifer Sayo. Jen as fondly called by her friends is a toll teller of more than five years. Indeed Jen can truly say that the toll booth is her second home. On a holiday while others are enjoying time with their family Jen is in her toll booth continuing her service to the motorists plying the expressway.

On Christmas Day, Jen is not going to be with her husband and two children. Instead she will be on duty once more just like the past Christmases. But Jen says she has not regrets. She knows that time with family especially on occasions like Christmas is important. But she has a duty to fulfill. She believes that her call of duty is something that her family fully understands. Jen adds that in fact she is loved by her family because of her dedication to her job. After all she says it is her family that is the reason for her hard work.

Jen is one of the more than two hundred tellers in NLEX and SCTEX who go on duty even during holidays and important family occasions. Jen and her co-tellers will be there to fasten transactions in the toll booth and help motorists reach their destination on time. 

For the motorists if ever you will on the road on Christmas Day allow the NLEX and SCTEX tellers to be the one to greet you Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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600th AWB supports SCTEX Greening program

Last October 29, 2011, the 6Christmas 00th AWB of Philippine Air Force with their Wing Commader Gen. Fred Payawan joins TMC in supporting its SCTEX Greening Program. This activity likewise was supported by the Rotary Club of Mabalacat headed by their President Col. Francis Rosales, also the CMO for the 600th AWB.

The said group planted 2,200 mahogay trees which were also donated by them at the Mabalacat Logistics - Subic bound area overviewig the DMIA and the Air Force City Airport. Together with around 110 airmen from their division joined by the Rotaract members plated the mahogay along the SCTEX highway as part of the call for National Greening Program of P.Noy and also an advocacy for keeping SCTEX an environment friendly highway.

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